Sunday, August 24, 2008

Denver: Day Two

Greetings from beautiful Denver. Big sky and spectacular clouds -- low-lying and 3-dimensional. Very clean. Innovative architecture. Amazing, beautifully sculptured sound barriers along the Interstate. Best deviled eggs ever at Steuben's, a retro diner.

This was a relatively quiet day. Checked into the NC delegation's homebase, the Doubletree Tech Center, about 15 miles from downtown. My husband went to see some of the demonstrations. Look for pics later.

I went to an event by the Network of Spiritual Progressives an offshoot of Tikkun, a group I've been involved with off and on for over 20 years. Rabbi Michael Lerner and Matthew Fox and others presented " A Spiritual Progressive Vision for America" -- a good perspective for me as I what I think seriously about what I want to take away from the convention. This group has long argued that the Democrats need not cede the values vote to the Republicans -- that people want more than a laundry list of policies, but seek meaning in spiritual terms.

Some excerpts from the Speakers:
-- The right provides substitutes for the need for authentic community by projecting largely false images of perfect families and a perfect nation.
-- our media culture treats everything politicians (especially on the left) say as 'fake" -- characterizing even the most heartfelt and sincere statements as political calculations. No wonder the public is cynical.
-- our constitution which rightly focused on individual rights when it was written, needs to be expanded to promote values of interdependence and justice.
-- we are too worried about appearing to be kooks if we talk about political goals in these terms. "Bill Reilly will attack you. You can't escape it. But, so what?"

After the event we walked around the downtown area. I was in full campaign regalia with my Obama T-shirt and cap. Turned out to be a camera magnet --with media types from Japan to Australia including me in their B-roll background shots.

Back to the hotel for an ice cream social with the NC delegation. Especially enjoyed my chats with State Representative Dan Blue, N&O political reporter Rob Christensen, and a Hillary supporter who served on the platform committee. Good talk. Good spirit.

Tomorrow we get our credentials and marching orders at breakfast -- sponsored by AT&T,

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