Saturday, August 30, 2008

My 20 Pieces of Convention Swag

Swag are those freebies that celebrities get when attending hip events. It's stuff like designer bags and swanky perfume. My friend Myra asked me to list all the swag I received as a delegate.

Here's the list. As you see, it's rather pathetic.

1. An eco-notebook from Staples made with sugatcane-based paper
2. A box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese ("limited convention edition")
3. A UPS envelope and shipping documents
4. A $10 coupon for FedEx
5. A junky keychain from the US conference of Mayors
6. An AT&T trivia challenge pin
7. $2 off for the American Presidential Experience traveling exhibition
8. An 8 oz can of Joint Juice Glucosamine "Tropical Flavor"
9. A Step-Counter Pedometer
10. Another key chain hanging from a tiny bottle of Hogan & Hartsons hand sanitizing gel
11. A stress ball in the shape of a black piece of coal from Peabody touting their web site: ""
12. A small notepad from Post-It
13. Tic-Tac like mints in a box shaped like an UPS truck
14. A 16.9 oz bottle of JointJuice Fitness Glucosamine
15. A cardboard "I'm a Clean Coal" fan from
16. Chapstick from the FedEx Corp.
17. Another lousy key chain from "Escape Hybrid"
18. An electrical socket plug from IBEW "Safety First"
19. A SEIU refrigerator magnet with 97 social justice words that can be cut out to form political quotes.
20. Oh and of course, the convention tote bag emblazoned with At&T and Coca Cola logos and assembled by Goodwill Industries of Denver.

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